PhoneGap Day EU Push Workshop 2017

Build a Hybrid Mobile App with Push


What You Will Build

In this workshop you will learn how to add push notification functionality to an existing PhoneGap application. We’ll go over a the ways to handle incoming push notifications to provide a native experience.

What You Will Learn



Android Pre-requisites

iOS Pre-requisites


A mobile device is not a requirement for this tutorial. We will be doing most of the work in the browser. Note: The iOS simulator does not support push notifications and the less said about the Android emulator the better.

Useful Resources

You will not need to setup your own Google App Project or Apple Developer Certificates for this workshop. We will be using the PhoneGap Developer App to receive the push notifications. Later if you want to add push to your application here are some helpful links.

  1. FCM Project Creation - a guide from Pivotal on setting up a project with FCM enabled.
  2. GCM Project Creation - a guide from Urban Airship on setting up a project with GCM enabled.
  3. Apple Push Configuration - a guide from Urban Airship on creating the certificate and permission files to enable APNS.